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Explore the heritage of traditional remedies with our wide range of botanical blends. They harness the wondrously versatile properties of ingredients from nature’s own apothecary to bring you closer to wellness, inside and out. 

Thai Chamanard Shower Gel

18 reviews
From $16.90 - $55.90

Thai Chamanard Body Lotion

14 reviews
From $16.90 - $68.90

Thai Chamanard Hair Shampoo

7 reviews
From $13.90 - $49.90

Thai Chamanard Hair Conditioner

8 reviews
From $13.90 - $49.90

Night Queen Shower Gel

4 reviews
(Usual $55.90)

Night Queen Body Lotion

4 reviews
(Usual $66.90)

Honey and Turmeric Shower Gel

2 reviews
From $12.90 - $45.90

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