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Kieffer Lime

Kieffer Lime (or Kaffir Lime) is a very well known in Asia. Kieffer Lime has a bumpy fruit with a rough skin. Open it and it resembles a sweet lime, except that it’s not so sweet. The kieffer lime leaf is a typical double leaf joined such that the lower part of the leaf is oval and the upper part resembles a heart shape. The leaf when fresh is shiny in appearance and is replete with essential oils. Traditional Thai medicine used kieffer lime shampoo to treat dandruff and hair loss and encourage healthy hair growth.

The aroma of a fresh crushed leaf is very special and immediately energizes the body and gives a feeling of wellbeing. The main use of the tree is the fresh, very aromatic leaves. The aroma is freely released when rubbed or crushed. The smell is intensely refreshing, and some say a combination of the aromas of lemon, lemon verbena and lemon geranium. The leaves however are the richest part of the plant. They are easy to store since they can be frozen for many months without losing flavor. The essential oil in the leaves is extracted and used for various purposes. It is a used in many bath products such as soaps and shampoos.


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