How to Keep a Healthy Romantic Relationship

How to Keep a Healthy Romantic Relationship
Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. If you are in a relationship or looking into entering one, how would you create or maintain a healthy romantic relationship with your partner?
There is no single formula that suits all types of relationships as different approaches work for different partnerships, may it be heterosexual or homosexual love. Essentially, keeping a healthy romantic relationship is centered on why you are together and being consistent with your thoughts and actions toward your partner.
Based on different studies, here are some tips on how to keep your romantic relationship healthy, meaningful, and purposeful.
  • Communication is key.
  • Communication is an essential aspect of a healthy relationship since you can effectively share your feelings, opinions, and expectations with each other. You can freely express your happiness, sadness, or frustrations without the fear of being judged or rejected. When both partners stop communicating, both stop relating to each other, which often leads to stress for both parties.
  • Try new things/activities together.
  • Keep the excitement alive when you visit new places, try new hobbies, and learn something new together. You will get to know each other more as you tread on the new and unfamiliar. This kind of simulation keeps you invigorated and allows you to be more connected with each other.
  • Go on dates.
  • Date nights or going on a date outside your home is important for the relationship as it allows you to focus on each other and have fun together. Going on dates enhances communication, increases the feeling of intimacy while decreasing stress and negativity.
  • Support each other’s interests.
  • Another way to increase intimacy and nourish a healthy romantic relationship is by ensuring that both partners have a “life” outside their partnership. You allow your partners to keep their own circle of friends, participate in their preferred activities and enjoy their own hobbies. Sharing each other’s enthusiasm helps you grow closer together and strengthens each other’s identity.
  • Create a romantic atmosphere at home.
  • While date nights are important to be spent outside the home, it is equally essential to have regular dates inside your home. Transform your room into a romantic escape that appeals to the senses. Incorporate ambient lighting that’s flattering and relaxing. You may adorn your room with candles or fairy lights. Set the mood with slow, sensual music. You may choose soft jazz or ballads for your background music. Then commence your evening by savouring some wine with fruits or chocolates or preparing some food that both of you enjoy. Lastly, create a mood that you like with powerful scents that evoke romance and intimacy. Use a diffuser or oil burner with your favourite essential oil. Here are some scents that inspire romance, perfect for your date night:
    Sandalwood promotes calmness, lowers stress, and improves the quality of sleep. In some modern cultures, it is considered an aphrodisiac and an ideal inclusion for a romantic atmosphere.
    Clary Sage has a clean, refreshing scent that calms the mind and reduces the feeling of anxiety. Its mood-boosting properties set the mood for intimacy.
    Geranium is the oil of love and trust. It helps to increase circulation and balances emotions - making it important for stress relief and emotional support.
    Lavender decreases anxiety and stress as inhaling its scent promotes a high level of relaxation which could lead to an increase in intimacy.
    • Ylang-ylang
    The scent of ylang-ylang is associated with feelings of euphoria and helps to relieve depression. As it helps to improve mental health, a relaxed mood can lead to an improved romance and intimacy.
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