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Beyond is the fruit of Banyan Tree Group’s decades of experience as a leader in wellbeing. Designed as a guiding companion, and powered by a proprietary wellbeing assessment, Beyond offers curated content & personalized journeys, that combined physical and digital experiences.

Whether you’re just beginning or more advanced on your path to wellbeing, Beyond will
support your journey, wherever you are in the world.

  • Evaluate: A well-rounded assessment that gives you insights into your current wellbeing status
  • For you: Curated content that is customized based on areas that need more attention
  • Follow: Take guidance from a Journey: a curated sequence of content that helps you to start from the beginning and build up from there
  • Explore: Take a self-guided approach with our full library of content offering something for everyone
  • Anywhere, Anytime: Access Beyond anywhere, on any device, and pick activities that meet your present needs.

You can purchase Beyond individually, as a combined bundle with select Essentials product or receive it for free with every Essentials order above USD200.


How long will I have access to Beyond for?

Upon Signing-Up on Beyond, you will have unlimited access to all content & experience for 3 months.

Will there be more programs & bundles in the future?

Absolutely! Our team is actively working on creating both new unique journeys and content. We will also be rolling out new features in the future, aiming to make the Beyond experience more immersive and effective towards improving one's wellbeing.

What kind of benefits can I expect?

Beyond is backed by a proprietary model anchored around 8 pillars of wellbeing. Each pillar encompasses a key dimension that needs to be addressed in order to improve one's overall wellbeing. During your sign-up process, we will invite you to go through a wellbeing assessment to identify your top pillar that require attention. , Beyond will then provide you tailored content recommendations.

Can I combine Beyond with a hotel Experience?

Yes you can use Beyond as a self-guided retreat when you stay at our hotels.

How do I share Beyond as a gift after purchasing it?

Once you've purchased Beyond, simply reach out to us at and we will change the account ownership (tied to an email address) to your person of choice. They will receive a welcome invitation shortly after.

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