Our Story & Philosophy



Banyan Tree began its journey by building retreats of rest and rejuvenation, championing the ethos of embracing the environment and empowering the community. Every destination is designed with an intention to enhance your well-being, to extend the experience of comfort and stillness into your daily life. We strive to inspire a lifestyle interwoven with wellness, and that has served as our motivation behind our bath & body and aromatherapy collections - to bring an oasis of calm wherever you are.

One of the most important aspect of our daily wellbeing is the ingredients we put on our skin, which is the largest organ in our body. The shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, lotions and massage oils used in Banyan Tree's resorts and spas are created with the combined expertise of our award winning Spa Academy of more than two decades and strategic laboratory partner in Thailand. We travel the globe to bring the best of nature home, researching the benefits of indigenous flowers, herbs and spices and combining them in a final formula that is both good for the earth, and for you.

Not one to rest on our laurels, we recently undertook a undertook a journey that went deep into the process of each product to ensure that our values of sustainability were embedded in every way, from the beginning of the product cycle at sourcing to how they are delivered and disposed of. We are proud to launch these newly improved formulations and a brand new design and packaging inspired by the graceful curve of our logo, embossed with the symbolic hanging roots of the first Banyan Tree in our first flagship hotel, Banyan Tree Phuket.

We believe in creating experiences that last, and hope that the reformulated bath & body and aromatherapy collections go beyond being a sensory treat for your body, to inspire moments of wellness in your every day.

We travel the globe to bring the best of nature home

Asian Wisdom

Inspired by Banyan Tree Spa’s treatments drawn from time-honoured Asian wisdom, we seek to combine the rich heritage of Asian-inspired ingredients and traditions with natural, botanical blends in our products. We emphasise ingredients such as Honey, Lotus and Jasmine Rice highlighted in the generational wisdom and practice of Asia, enhancing their active benefits by combining them with other complementary, result driven formulations.

Quality Sourcing

We looked into the sourcing of each ingredient, increasing the amount of organic origin items that are ECOCERT-certified as well as ensuring that the base quality of each formulation was high, such as olive and coconut base oils. In gathering indigenous, locally inspired ingredients from different parts of the world such as Thailand, Bhutan, Africa, Japan, France, and Northern Vietnam, we also seek to infuse time-honoured remedies from different traditions in our products.

A Natural Sensibility

We place an emphasis on being as natural as possible, which means eliminating all known harmful synthetics and replacing them with mainly naturally derived alternatives.

Our blends average 95% in natural origins, and are completely free of Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), and are not tested on animals. We removed other synthetic ingredients such as colouring agents and unnecessary fragrances, replacing Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS) with plant or palm-derived combinations.

Sustainable Packaging

Committed to our ethos on sustainability, we have replaced all gift packaging with sustainable materials; designing fabric wraps woven from used plastic bottles, and gift boxes handmade in mulberry papers. Each bottle is also made from recyclable plastic and our product packaging using 100% recycled, elemental chlorine free papers.

Retailing with a Difference



The beauty of craft lies in the stories it holds, and that has been the motivation behind the production of our handmade ceramic collections - to champion the heritage and traditions of artisanal craft to the rest of the world and more importantly, empower the communities with the truth that craft can become a viable business. Craft is a universal language that bridges cultural and language gaps, and we hope that the stories behind each craft continues with you.

For over 20 years, Banyan Tree’s award winning Spa Academy along with our strategic laboratory partner, has cultivated deep knowledge and understanding about how bath & body and aromatherapy products can be made to enhance your daily routines and rituals. This experience has led us to create and uphold high standards in the ways we formulate products that are good for you as well as the environment.


We believe in cultivating a mindful lifestyle that lasts, and hope that our products go beyond being a sensory treat for your body, to inspire moments of wellness in your every day.