Press for Progress: Khun Dow's Story

Press for Progress: Khun Dow's Story

Khun Dow is a mother of 2 sons, where she works as a farmer alongside with her husband at Thai China Flavours & Fragrance (TCFF). She was introduced to this role 7 months ago by her brother-in-law who has been with TCFF for a decade. Khun Dow and her husband help farm and harvest the raw materials that is needed to produce all our essential oils.

Khun Dow lives in a small house near the rice field at TCFF where she and her husband support a family of 7 – her 2 children, niece, mother and mother-in-law. Khun Dow worked for a tyre manufacturer for 7 years before joining TCFF. She recounted – “I wasn’t able to spend much time with my family before I joined TCFF. Working at TCFF has granted me more time with my family and my boss is very generous. The company also supports my family for a better living standard. I am happy.”

Khun Dow has a cheerful and light-hearted demeanour that instantly makes people feel at ease around her. We asked her what she enjoys the most in her job – “I love being with nature. Being in the rice fields rejuvenates me. I also get to exercise with my husband when we are planting and harvesting!” Khun Dow laughed.

“My motivation is simple – to provide for my children’s education and being able to be with my family.”

Khun Dow smiles as she showed us around the rice field, sharing with us about the process of farming the raw materials used to make our essential oils.

Khun Dow’s sharing shone light on the truth that happiness isn’t dependent on what we have or now have, but how we choose to embrace what we already have.

In light of 2018’s International Women’s Day theme “Press for Progress”, we are honouring the Thai female makers behind our products. They share with us their life journey, inspirations and what keeps them pushing on for a better future, especially during trying times. This campaign has inspired us that female empowerment happens in a series of small milestones and victories that can be already be found in our every day.   


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