Press for Progress: Khun Jum's Story

Press for Progress: Khun Jum's Story

Born and raised in the Loei Province of Thailand, Khun Jum is a diligent and dedicated lady who is now a production controller since starting her career 30 years ago at Prosper - our producer for potpourris, candles and diffusers.


Khun Jum’s story is one of determination and sincerity; as she walks through the bad and good days with a smile. She shared her journey with Prosper and her family with a carefree and positive spirit - a contagious energy that instantly lightens up the atmosphere. Khun Jum lives with her husband and son, where her motivation to play a part to support her family is one core force that kept her pushing on.

“Life can get difficult at times, but my family has always been my pillar of support and I find strength and comfort in the ways I can give back to them - through my work, making simple meals and sending my son to university. Their happiness is my happiness. And this is also why I chose my job here for 30 years!” Khun Jum smiled as she shared with us what grounds her.


Great things are a series of small things brought together, and Khun Jum reminded us that milestones happen with patience, resolve and humility. Khun Jum started as a production controller who could only afford public transport and is now production leader who is more financially stable to afford a car to send her son to school. We asked her about the key lessons she picked up during this process -

“Patience, positivity and gratitude. As a woman, we have to be patient towards ourselves, our family and our career. We need to be patient to see this process through. I enjoy coming to work because I get to spend time with my colleagues and contribute meaningfully with what I have learned from school and past experiences. All these small things add up and they make me happy.”

Khun Jum’s story reminds us that it’s never all about the destination, but how we define our own experiences and the moments we choose to hold onto during our personal journeys - to find joy, hope and strength, especially during the trying times.

In light of 2018’s International Women’s Day theme "Press for Progress”, we are honouring the Thai female makers behind our products. They share with us their life journey, inspirations and what keeps them pushing on for a better future, especially during trying times. This campaign has inspired us that female empowerment happens in a series of small milestones and victories that can be already be found in our every day.  

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