Rekindle Rituals Stories: Yu Hui & Ellis

Rekindle Rituals Stories: Yu Hui & Ellis

It’s everyone’s favourite time of the year where we gift a little more, and love a little louder. And this December, we celebrate this joyous occasion by sharing with you something special and close to the heart – Rekindle Rituals.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas all lined up at the end of the year, it definitely feels like the best time to slow down and reflect on what are fundamentally, the most important things to us. Rekindle Rituals is a gifting initiative where we go back to basics and share what we truly believe in – creating the space and opportunity to reconnect with ourselves and loved ones. Simple enough to say, but not always easy to do.

This year, in a collaboration with inspiring female entrepreneurs chosen for their beliefs in wellness and sustainability, we share their stories on love, connection, and making it last.

Grounded with strong values to foster positive change, Yu Hui founded Actseed, a purposeful business which strives to uplift the lives of people through hand-crafted lifestyle products. Designed with honest, mindful messaging, Yu Hui is set for a clear mission – to connect with people. With the support she garnered through the business, she shares her part in doing social good by donating funds to needy children of Nepal’s rural communities for an education they deserve.

Its stories as such which heartens us and encourages us to keep doing what we do. So snuggle up, as we get intimate and unveil the story of this down to earth entrepreneur with her best friend, Ellis.

Share with us what each other is like in the friendship? 

Yu Hui: Ellis is someone who is always generous. She is a giver, and that’s because of her nature and how she values a relationship more than the tangible elements, such as monetary value. This is something which I really respect about her.

One memorable experience was during our trip to Bangkok together. I booked the wrong flight back, and we were stuck at the airport for a while as we were not able to get hold of any return tickets. Ellis had a flight to Sans Francisco the day after, and despite that, she wasn’t mad at me at all. We even laughed about how careless I was and were digging through our bags for any spare cash. It is understanding like this which I know I can trust on her, and it’s also experiences like this which grew us closer.

Because of how we trust in each other, we are always comfortable with one another. We share without judgements. And that’s a kind of friendship which doesn’t come by often in life and definitely one which I’m thankful for.

"We share without judgments."

Ellis: Patient, and always willing to compromise. Yu Hui gives in to me almost all the time, even in the smallest things. And that’s because she took the effort to understand me, and know my habits. But what I respect the most about her is her giving self and how she incorporates that even into her business. It’s something which inspires me.

How did you guys keep the connection going despite each other’s busy schedules?

Yu Hui: It definitely is making an effort to spend time together. We love to travel together, but we also cherish humble moments together such as working together in the same space. One thing I appreciate about Ellis is she sometimes personally delivers food to me during my working hours as she knows I skip my meals when I get busy. She even buys excess food so I can eat them readily when I’m hungry again. Sometimes, it’s the little things which count.

Ellis: Yu Hui hand writes me inspirational quotes which she believes will resonate with me, and they serve as quiet reminders of strength and encouragement for me. I always put them up in my room, and subconsciously read them every day. They are definitely one of the most special gifts.

What are each of your most important values in relationships?

Ellis: Trust. It’s about being able to trust each other and share an unspoken faith in the relationship. Also, respect and understanding. As we grow older with more responsibilities and commitments, what we can give each other is really our patience to understand, and compromise.

Yu Hui: It would be staying committed to our choices. In life, we choose the people we want to invest our time in. But what’s truly important, is making a continuous effort to go the extra mile for them, and to choose them always.

Share with us why you choose the Luscious Indulgence Gift Set for Ellis and the Blissful Relaxation Gift Set for yourself?

Yu Hui: Ellis loves anything luxurious and the Luscious Indulgence Gift Set provides a well-deserved pampering for her this Christmas. For myself, I am a lover of lavender scents and upon knowing that there’s the Lavender Sleep Enhancer in this, I chose it immediately. This gift set also reflects my personality – calm and relaxed. However, due to my busy schedule, I sometimes am unable to sleep well. Hence, this set comes in handy to ease me down and better enjoy a restful time.

Luscious Indulgence Gift Set: Jasmine Rice Facial Care, Orchid Dew & Thai Chamanard Body Care

A Blissful Relaxation Gift Set: Lavender Bergamot Sleep Enhancer, Relax Massage Oil, Elements Organza Eye Pillow & Cotton Pouch

Friends - they are family whom we have chosen, and people we decided to love.

As Yu Hui puts it, ‘what’s really important is making a continuous effort to go the extra mile for them, and to choose them always’. It’s something which we all know, but a principle we may forget in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Let’s take this Christmas to reconnect, and appreciate those who walk with us through different seasons of life, and love us unconditionally.

Stay tuned to this space as we bring you a love story next week, one which will warm your heart.

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I adore the way yu hui and Ellis share the friendship between them and those gifts are apt for their character !!

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