Stay-At Home Wellness Tips

Stay-At Home Wellness Tips

Stay Home Wellness Tips


Many of us around the world have been confined to our homes as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. As our lifestyles have suddenly and drastically changed over the recent months and weeks, most of us are adjusting to a new way of being. Staying at home can be challenging for various reasons such as plain boredom, being overwhelmed with homeschooling and caring for your kids, having little work-life balance and/or coping with anxiety about the uncertainty of these times. As the world takes a collective pause, it is a great time to redefine what’s important to you, reflect and grow. Here are some of our top wellness tips to keep in mind while you shelter at home. 


Keep to a schedule


Keep to a schedule 

Following a predictable regime can help to keep you focused, productive and, ultimately, happy. There are so many distractions in your home - kids, chores, pets and other activities can take attention away from what you need to be doing. If you allow yourself to multi-task throughout your day, you may find that you don’t accomplish very much which can, in turn, lead to feelings of dissatisfaction, laziness, apathy and frustration. Create a schedule for yourself every day and stick to it. Having small routines such as adhering to your skincare regime in the morning and evening, having a tea break in the afternoon, or tucking your kids into bed then curling up on the couch with your partner can bring in structure and balance in your day. These tips are especially important if you’re working from home. 


Eat and drink well

Staying at home might increase boredom or emotionally-induced eating or drinking. While the occasional treat is completely fine, try to maintain a schedule of healthful eating and drinking while you’re confined to your home. You’ll find that it will make you feel better, sleep better and function more productively during your waking hours. Staying in optimal health is essential to keep your immunity strong. Planning meals is a good way to curb bad eating habits, so plan your weekly meals and try something new! 


Relaxing and beautiful work space


Create a relaxing and beautiful space

Your surroundings reflect your state of mind and vice versa. Keeping your space clean and tidy is a way that you can bring more calm to your days at home. You can even use this time to do a little spring cleaning and sort through your things, organize and give away items that you no longer need. Make your place feel extra warm and inviting with indoor plants, a vase of beautiful fresh blooms and aromatherapy dispensers. Place things in your line of sight that brings beauty and happiness in your life. 


Let loose and treat yourself 

Adjusting to a new way of life can be difficult and the pressure to always stay productive and positive can be unrealistic in these challenging times. Find ways to treat yourself to luxuries you appreciate such as ordering in a five-star meal to enjoy at home; buying some home-spa essentials for a day of pampering at home; or baking your favourite chocolate cake to enjoy with a glass of wine. 


Stay connected to your loved ones

It can feel isolating to be separated from your family, friends and colleagues during this time. We humans need human contact to feel happy and balanced so make sure to check in on your loved ones. Don’t just send a text message, pick up the phone and schedule regular calls with those near and dear to you. Always remember to can reach out for help if you’re feeling especially isolated - there’s always a listening ear nearby. 


Keeping fit while staying home


Find a way to keep moving

Many of our favourite gyms, yoga studios, public swimming pools are shuttered during this time, putting our fitness schedules on pause. However, now is the time that we should continue to invest in our health and wellbeing. So it’s essential to keep our bodies moving. Do some research and find a physical activity that you enjoy and stick to it. It may take a bit of shopping around, but there are excellent online fitness activities from spinning to pilates to high-intensity training available. Check out Nike Training ClubgloPelotonp.volve, and even your local fitness studios. Remember, it takes at least 21 days to build a new habit, so be patient with yourself as your body adjusts to your new regime. 


By Marisse Gabrielle Reyes

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