Water: an elixir of life.

Water: an elixir of life.
From drinking to sanitation, survival to comfort, clean water is an essential for living. Today, clean water around the world has become increasingly inaccessible. Among those most impacted by the lack of access to clean water are women and girls. For women, especially those who are low-income or living in rural areas, this is a personal crisis. It is then important to remember that clean water is a right, not a luxury.
Access to safe and clean water is critical for health. For it flows through the body, using and consuming unsafe water can cause a person’s body to become contaminated with metals, waste, and diseases. Our bodies depend on clean water to hydrate, flush out toxins and maintain good health.

Around the world, many women are given the responsibility of finding resources for their family’s survival. This includes attaining clean water to use for drinking, cooking, sanitation, and hygiene. According to the Water Organization, women and children in various places bear the responsibility of collecting water for the family. Globally, women will spend a total of 200 million hours to collect water. Due to this, there may be little time left for work, pursuing an education or care for their family unit. It becomes difficult for the woman to live up to her potential.

Water pollution exists due to various reasons – one of its major contributors is microplastic waste. Microplastics can be found in a large number of the products we see today. It is found in bottle caps, plastic bags, clothing items and skincare products. It is a great contaminant of water resources and takes up to hundreds or thousands of years to decompose. For the human body, it can induce DNA damage, changes in genetics and even risks for cancer.

At Essentials, we understand that the ingredients we use will have environmental impact. It is up to us whether that impact is positive or negative. Many mainstream beauty products on the market will include ingredients such as lead, BHA and BHT, and microbeads. This will not only contribute to degrading skin quality, but also pollute water resources and harming wildlife. As a result, we’ve developed a brand with emphasis on being as natural as possible – with blends averaging 95% in natural origins to minimise the negative impact of toxic ingredients.

Water flows, connecting water resources all throughout the world. For women globally, access to clean water would provide transformative changes to their quality of life. From your drain to a stream or ocean, choosing products with little to no toxic chemicals will not only benefit your skin and the environment but also help to reduce the amounts of unwanted particles in water resources around the world.

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