Ways to Keep Well with Aromatherapy

Ways to Keep Well with Aromatherapy

A modern lifestyle is built upon ease, efficiency, and convenience. Although, it has also become more fast-paced, complex, and more often than not, imbalanced. This idyllic “modern lifestyle” is aspirational to many but unsustainable to most.

All over the world, people are subjected to higher levels of stress, lack of sleep and increasing mental health concerns. We are impacted by the choices we make every day. Thus, it is important to remember in a time like this, to prioritise our long-term wellbeing. However, the good news is we are in charge of making the choices regarding how we choose to live. The modern lifestyle can look different if you allow it to be.

According to numerous health and wellness research in the last few years, three of the most common wellbeing concerns we are facing today are: high stress, restlessness, and depression. Luckily, there are numerous ways we can combat and alleviate these stressors from our daily lives. The ways which you choose to better your lives are myriad and entirely dependent on you.

One of most popular ways to practise wellness is aromatherapy. Since ancient times, we have tried and trusted natural ingredients for its health, spiritual and wellbeing benefits. Systematic and regular usage of certain natural products have been correlated to improving specific aspects of life. From the calming ease of Lavender extract to the rejuvenating aroma of Citrus, nature is interwoven with us and our path to health and wellness. Essentials’ trust in this wisdom have taken us on journeys to source and create from the best natural ingredients. As a result, we have curated aromatherapeutic collections to help you address your wellbeing needs.

High Stress: The pace of modern life makes stress inevitable. Pressures of professional and personal lives may sometimes subject you to high levels of stress, causing your mind to race, feel nervousness or anxiety. To alleviate these effects, opt for products to help provide Grounding or Calming properties. Look for ingredients such as Jasmine, Sandalwood or Frankincense. Among their many benefits, the wonderous Jasmine helps to reduce stress and anxiety, gentle Sandalwood is well-loved for its ability to calm the mind and quieten the central nervous system, and Frankincense is renowned for promoting one’s inner peace and balance.

Restless: Restlessness comes in many forms. For one person, it may be the inability to fall asleep at all, while for another, it is rather the lack of good sleep which keeps them restless. If you find yourself struggling to achieve or maintain good rest, opt for products from the Sleep or Relaxing collection. Famously known for their soothing and tranquil properties are Lavender and Chamomile. Both are loved for their natural ability to increase mental relaxation, helping to provide a feeling of tranquility and ease, preparing you for your nightly slumber.

Depression: Life has made positive advancements, but it has also become increasingly sedentary. As a result, many are prone to experience some level of depression. Caring for ourselves and our wellbeing has always been important. Though perhaps in the modern day, the efforts to do so is a key in achieving a happy, well-balanced life. To inspire and lighten your day, opt for products that Rejuvenate and Uplift. Look for ingredients and aromas such as Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Citruses. While Lemongrass promotes mental clarity, and Peppermint helps to refresh and energise the mind, Citruses help to instill balance into your daily life by uplifting the spirit.

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