Wellness for the Environment

Wellness for the Environment

What is environmental wellness? This element of wellness describes the healthy relationship which we develop and nurture with the earth, our environment and its resources. It is a way in which a sense of safety, comfort and connection can be derived from our physical surroundings. As such, developing a harmonious relationship with the earth and our environment is highly important. By choosing to be intentional in the actions we take, the habits we develop, and the products we buy, our environmental wellness will not only prosper but will also positively influence other aspects of our wellbeing.

Environmental wellness can become challenged by the choice in daily consumption. One of the most pervasive forms of waste is plastic. Plastic waste can be found in the depths of the ocean, polluting water resources or in the bodies of marine life animals. In this instance, enhancing environmental wellness can look like reducing plastic consumption in our daily lives. Nevertheless, it can be found everywhere and in various forms. Many skincare products can contain microplastic particles, contributing to ailing marine ecosystems, or packaged in disposable plastic containers which are later discarded into landfills.

Essentials was created as a way to not only inspire physical and mental wellness, but also that of the environment. By crafting aromatherapy and skincare free of harmful preservatives, we seek to uphold the value of living well through honouring natural ingredients and the benefits they bring to our lives. Through creating sensible formulations and incorporating naturally derived ingredients, we seek to create a lifestyle of wellness that is good for you and for the environment. A daily routine can become more sustainable when you opt for natural skincare, or crafts upcycled from plastic. A living space can be enhanced with a beautiful aroma diffuser made from paper waste or elegant candle warmer handcrafted from rubberwood. Balanced, joyful living begins and is sustained through small changes.

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