Crafts & Partners

Banyan Tree Gallery represents a business story driven by culture, entrepreneurship in the social sector, and most importantly, people’s networks. Banyan Tree Gallery works closely with the communities across Asia to source for quality products that showcase Asia’s diverse heritage and culture to the rest of the world and harness the skills of traditional artists.

The retail arm of Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts believes in going beyond conserving the physical environment to embrace and nurture the communities in which hotels and resorts operate. The following describes Gallery’s unique business philosophy in its mission to become a socially responsible tourism retailer.

Sustaining Village Development
By working closely with the village cooperatives and non-profit craft marketing agents in Asia, Banyan Tree Gallery helps to conserve the unique culture and heritage of villages while sustaining the livelihoods and skills of artisans through gainful employment.

Conserving Natural and Cultural Resources
Using materials indigenous to the region, Banyan Tree Gallery has developed a range of eco-friendly products that make the most of what Mother Nature has to offer and minimise the use of environmentally harmful materials.

Showcasing Ethnic Crafts and Culture
Banyan Tree Gallery acts as a voice for traditional artisans, many of whom live in remote villages. To promote Asia’s diverse heritage and culture to the rest of the world, products retailed at the stores are accompanied by a write-up of the craft, its origins and the creator.

Educating and Motivating Stakeholders
To enhance the marketability and sustainability of cottage crafts, Banyan Tree Gallery shares market knowledge with the cottage craft producers in workshops and visits. By integrating a multitude of craft techniques, Banyan Tree Gallery helps to refine and upgrade artisans’ talents in response to niche market tastes.